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was nonexistent. kate thompson reports, they say if some radiation reached the u.s. it would be so small it would not be cause for concern. >>kate: today's danger level in the bay area on a scale of 1 to 10, one being the best and 10 being the worst, as far as radiation. >> id 0. one. >>kate: worst-case scenario everything goes wrong. what is the situation in the bay area on a scale of one to attend if that happens in today's question mark? >> 1. there shouldn't be any health hazard. to the bay area. >>kate: reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: on the phone to help us understand the implications of exposure to radiation, michael with the state public health. there is concern even though we are hearing from experts said it's unlikely the u.s. could really be affected by a meltdown and radiation from any plants in japan. nonetheless there is concern among the general population. what message do want to give the population. >>caller: thank you for having me, i am a spokesperson for the agency. we want people to know that according to our federal partners, with the nuclear regulatory corporation. we b
on nbc bay area news. >> good evening, and thank you for joining us, i'm raj mathai. >> and jessica aguirre. and now to video just into the newsroom. growing like weed, literally. an explosion of pot clubs has san jose officials tonight scrambling to clamp down of medical marijuana dispensaries and their solution may be to snuff out pot clubs altogether. nbc bay area's reporter is live in san jose with breaking developments in this story. elise? >> reporter: yeah, jessica, one city council member that we spoke to tonight said all of the pot clubs are putting a major strain. everything from simple loitering calls to armed robbery and he says one remedy may be slashing 90 clubs to just ten. >> several us are proposing a way to put the genie back in the bottle. >> reporter: with more than 100 cannabis clubs now operating throughout san jose the city may be trying to get a grip on the growing business by only allowing ten dispensaries to operate. >> and we recognize there's been a lot of impacts in neighborhoods and commercial districts from all that pot. >> reporter: in an nbc bay area
. he was just 20 years old. his father, albert, joins us now from york, pennsylvania. mr. snyder, what was your reaction to today's supreme court decision? >> i was kind of shocked. i can't believe that the supreme court today has now told us that we have no rights to bury our dead in peace. it's a sad day for our military men and women, their families. it's a sad day for all americans. my first thought is what kind of society have we become? >> couric: are you surprised the decision was so overwhelming with eight out of nine justices backing the protesters? >> yes, i was, katie. they may be book smart but they don't have the common sense god gave a goat. you know, the justices and the government will send their children to war, and they'll send them back in body bags, and then they can't even give us enough respect to bury them in peace. >> couric: the church has protested outside many other funerals. what would you say to other grieving families today? >> well, there's not much we can do about it anymore. when the government won't do anything about it, and the courts give us no remed
is affecting a lot of california college students studying overseas. kraig debro is joining us live to tell us about an urgent memo sent to cu students in japan. >> reporter: according to csu website, they send the most students abroad than any other. we'll be hoping to talk to some officials about their bringing students home even if they are not studying near where the quake zone. chancellor charles reed says he wants all csu students studying in japan to return and he's ordering no more students go to jam japan. we were told the students would be competing for resources. and the japanese people need it more. now, this morning a friend of a csu studying in japan said she cried when she heard the news but he thinks it's for the best. >> it is pretty dangerous. i mean, they would be breathing in dangerous fumes, right? i don't think it's such a bad idea. >> reporter: reed says another reason for bringing students home are the dangers associated with the fukushima nuclear plant. tohuko university has been closed. according to the students from uc are all accounted for and there are no further
in our backyard or in the field behind us. >> reporter: just before noon police caught one of the suspects. >> we did locate one subject hiding in an out building in an area where he was described to have fled. >> reporter: a rash of recent home invasions has neighbors here on edge. >> i think it is very scary especially when we have all these kids running around and playing and riding bikes. >> reporter: laura owns a daycare. >> came outside to see what was going on. and discovered all of this. >> did you send the kids home? >> no, but i have them locked up in my house and we keep coming out periodically to see what is going on. >> reporter: we are going to show you this surveillance video again. the neighbor didn't want to go on camera for obvious reasons because police are certainly looking at his videotape to try to catch these suspects. at this point right now two of the suspects are in custody. one of them is still at large. if you look at the videotape you can actually see the police car going down leeward street and then ramming into the jeep cherokee. the suspects
're glad our with us on such a big day. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. the president meeting with hillary clinton. topping the a skwrepbd today the escalating violence in libya and what we should do about it. oil and gas prices are skyrocketing. now the administration is considering tapping your strategic oil reserves to deal with the spike. jenna: the average price for regular gas $3.52. it depends where you live. it's a jump of nearly 80-cents from a year ago on average. mike emanuel is live at the white house on these big stories. we mentioned that strategic reserve. is that a serious consideration to tap into that? >> reporter: general a it's on the table but it doesn't sound like a serious consideration at this point. they are concerned here about the impact on the u.s. economic recovery. they are concerned on the impact on many american families, many of whom have had a difficult couple of years. as for tapping the spr as they call it here, here is spokesman jay carney. >> it's an option on the table. remember all the options that we consider and the global system consi
, mike, stay on it for us. martha: from the capitol in wisconsin to our nice's capitol controversial hearings on radicalization in the american, muslim community. christian, jewish muslim groups are protesting outside as this is happening. household chairman paoeuter king is receiving roupb the clock security. in opening remarks kings addressed the controversy but stressed the importance of moving forward with the hearings, take a listen. >> i'm well aware that the announcement of these hearings has generated considerable controversy and opposition. some of this opposition such as my colleague and friends has been measured and thoughtful. other opposition both from special interest groups and the media has ranged from disbelief to rage and hysteria. let me make it clear today that i remain convinced that these hearings must go forward and they will. martha: well we're a few hours into the hearings now. shannon bream is live in washington with the latest. congressman ellison was very emotional this morning. what brought that on, what did he have to say in his testimony. >> reporter: h
you're looking at is the calm before the next storm. jeff ranieri is here with us right now. no snow this time, but rain and serious wind. >> yeah, that's right. wind that could cause power outages and isolated flooding concerns. flooding certainly an issue here on our creeks, rivers and streams when we get these storms moving in and this will be rising the creeks, rivers and lereams to potentially dangerous vels the storm is edging closer, about 125 miles offshore, but the center remains hundreds of miles down here. we are talking about winds that could gust as high as 50 miles per hour and for that, the entire area under a wind advisory. the northeasve south bay and the peninsula, where winds could be sustained at 30 miles per hour, even gusting up to 350 miles per hour at times. 10:00 p.m., the wind starts to develop. by 6:00 a.m., we'll be watching for the potential of isolated flooding. i'll have more on exactly the timing of this whole system coming up in minutes. >>> the fiery images from september 9th of last year are sered into the minds of many in the area. the pipeline exp
morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. you are waking up to some wet weather. let's check in with christine hanson in this morning for lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. we saw the rain start last evening in the north bay. we've seen about a half inch of rain now in santa rosa and areas north of 101, a quarter of an inch in the napa valley and a tenth of an inch right here in san francisco. some of the heaviest rain at 580. heaviest rain over berkeley hills and stretching all the way back into the avenues. we're going to continue to see rain throughout the day. some of this is turning to snow in the sierra where chains are required. i'll show you how that affects the end of your weekend with the first part of your work week. your complete forecast coming up in just a few. >> thank you, christine. well, the roads are slick this morning but it's not as cold as last weekend when black ice was a big problem for drivers. it's unclear if weather played a role in this accident. the chp is investigating in contra costa county. a fatal crash that involved at least five c
already donated some candidates and i was able to get hold of a list of criteria they say they are using to choose the new chief. the police commission took public comments tonight. >> this is where you should look. >> reporter: they held their first round of secret interviews yesterday. >> we have some significantly strong candidates both internally and externally. we received 75 applications. >> reporter: some critics in the police department and community including the city supervisor are upset about the choices. >> if you look at the list of the senior members of the police department, captains of the police department who were given rejection notices without being interviewed i think that it's a mistake. >> reporter: they will say not have any candidates are being interviewed but they gave specific criteria to make the decision and today we got a hold of that list. experience or 10 years or more, experience with homicide cases, community policing, and an understanding of integration issues. >> we went out to community groups and met with the faith- based community could we went to e
are awesome to do this for me! >> it is painful to watch your son not walk the way he used to. >> he was in afganistan, everything took a sudden turn. >> hwe were just doing our job. (cheering & applause) as for walking, mom is focused on one thing at a time. >> i washed his toes! they were the only thing sticking out of the cast. >> for now, reporting, jr stone. >> alright, it is 8:13. >> my next guess is a clown. really. clowns without borders. it is not scary, it is helpful, coming up! >> we are back, turning to the weather. it was wet! a line of storms rolling through lousiana. some prades shortened during mardi gras, officially on tuesday >> we have had our own share of wet weather. look, the headlights are on! very important. >> mid sunday morning, twet weather, a few pockets of heavey rain, bulk will be out, occasional showers with things continuing to wind down, changing for next week. here is how it looks. monday, cooler and sunny, in the wwake of the season. winds will crank up gusting 30-40 mph. mostly sunny. low to mid 60 s. rain reunrns thrusdurs. futurecast shows green
's ambassador to talk more about u.s. assistance. >> the in parts of japan hit by an earthquake flattened by a tsunami a third risk now looms. fears of nuclear meltdown. >> this evacuee says that most frightening thing. nobody really knows what is happening. but signs what is happening at fukushima daiichi are not good. all four reactors have issues including three explosions. radioactive material could be leaking from the base of the reactor. the leaked radiation level is rather high. >> now we are talking about levels that can impact human health. i would like all of you to take this information calmly. >> keep inside the work places or houses. >> they echoed the warnings affecting more than 140,000 people within a 12 mile radius. 70,000 have already evacuated. they are checking people to see if they have been exposed to radiation. >> this woman says i worry very much about radiation. i don't know what to do. even in tokyo, there are reports of slightly higher radiation levels but they say the levels are too small to threaten people there. hillary clinton met with the foreign minister w
to the allegations that in 2003, he lied to a federal grand jury about using steroids. he has had to enter several pleas since prosecutors have rewritten the charges against him several times. bonds says that he has never knowingly taken steroids. trial is now set to begin march 21. >>> also today, bonds' former personal trainer greg anderson told the court he will not testify against the home run champ. the judge told anderson he would be sent back to jail for the duration of the trial if he refuses to take the stand. anderson has already spent more than a year behind bars for refusing to testify against bonds. >>> a surprise substance in a child's cookie has sickened four valve students. investigators say say a fifth grade boy shared two marijuana cookies. he said he received them from an employee from a local convenience store. the clerk said he didn't know they contained pot. >> when you look at the packaging it's not self- evident. you have to read the fine print. >> all four students attend grace patterson elementary school. vallejo police have not finished their investigation yet. >>> frus
in to help private american citizens wishing to leave japan. >>> u.s. citizens are also being urged to defer all nonessential travel to any part of that country because unpredictable wind conditions could spread radioactive contamination. and the u.s. is still telling americans living -- living within 50 miles of the damaged plant to leave the area or at least remain indoors while the japanese government is limiting its warning to people living within 12 miles of the plant. and that's one example of what some in the obama administration believe is japan downplaying the risk. coming up at:15, we'll have a live report -- 7:15, we'll have a live report on this disaster. >>> scientists on the west coast are watching a radioactive plume movement. it's expected to hit the aleutian islands south of i -- that's south of alaska sometime today. health experts are saying radiation is plunging. the epa is installing more radiation detection mob teres here in -- monitors here in california just to keep track of the threat. jade hernandez is joining us live. she's at uc berkeley where they are installing
are not approved. jerry brown set a deadline for thursday to get it all done, now he hopes to use the extra time to convince more lawmakers to put it on the ballot this june. he is just a few lawmakers short to make that happen. >>> new tonight at 11:00. police are investigating a murder. it happened this evening. police say the man was shot, and died in the ambulance. >>> two southern california men are expected of using a credit card skimmer to steel credit numbers. they fate fros and conspiracy charges. boris tumasyan and sarkis sarkisyan. how investigators say they stole the numbers and she has reaction from locals who frequent one of those stations. >> reporter: the credit card swipe looks like any other. this is a primary reason this credit card scheme was so difficult to detects. they planted devices like this one inside of gas pump. investigators say they were attached to the circuit boards and captured 3600 credit card numbers. police caught the two at this station on san an ownio road. they found six skimmers planted inside of gas pumps of six other locations. the customers are very co
mother. but tillman cannot afford to bring her home and he needs help. his daughter, lynn, is a u.s. citizen born in santa cruz just before her parents divorced. >> she's a really good kid, you know. and i know just by talking to her and hearing her voice, i can tell she's scared. >> tillman has been in touch with his daughter by phone. his ex-wife plans to remain in japan to tend to her family there. >>> now, the death toll from japan's earthquake and tsunami rose today to almost 8500 people. another 13,000 are missing. the death toll is expected to climb as rescue workers discover more bodies. but at the same time, there are remarkable stories of survival. today an 80-year-old woman and her 16-year-old grandson were rescued. the two were trapped in their kitchen and survived by eating the food that happened to be left in their refrigerator. meanwhile, the number three reactor at the crippled fukushima power plant is stable again tonight after an unexpected rise in pressure this morning. radiation from the plant is showing up in more food, but reaction from shoppers is mixed. >> i
things at the funerals of u.s. military. is that free speech? there was a big supreme court ruling today. >>> fighting back. gadhafi's fierce new pushback against his own people. as other dictators fall, how does he survive? >>> whose side are you on in the showdown over unions and collective bargaining? tonight we'll show you what people say in our new poll. >>> the secret lives of animals. did you ever wonder what they're all up to when nobody's watching? now we know. >>> and the surprise appearance today to unveil the next big thing. today to unveil the next big thing. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. they go to the funerals of americans who have been killed in action in iraq and afghanistan and they hold up signs saying things like, "thank god for dead soldiers," "god hates you," and "it's too late to pray," and they do this in the name of religion. of course, what they do is an insult to religion. they are the members of the westboro baptist church in kansas and they are the last thing a grief-stricken parent wants to see, bu
attention because amy says this is engineer eye candy and you're an engineer so thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's talk about that eye candy, a major milestone in the building of the bay bridge achieved this morning ahead of schedule and that's literally a tall order. amy hollyfield is live on treasure island to show us this centerpiece in all its glory. >> fun to look at. grab your coffee and just take it in. it's enormous and making history. it's tall, 480 feet tall. now you can easily see that it's 91 feet taller than the current bridge which, you know, we always thought was large but now it looks kind of small next to our new tower. they started this operation monday at 5:00 in the morning and worked around the clock all week long. only 11 people were on this project. a huge project for them and they're very proud of the fact they got it done without any problems and a little ahead of their schedule. they thought they were working today but instead they earn rest and a long weekend. they're feeling really good about their progress on this bridge. >> as
. >> we have a wet wednesday. thank you so much for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm eric thomas. >> let's check in with mike to see how long the rain will be with us. >> it will be with us through the lunch hour. expect wet weather through the morning commute to about 12:00 or 1:00. if you are leaving right now the bulk of the rain is falling into the north bay. you can see around bodega bay and all up and down 101 and 29. we have healthy returns right around the bay itself from san francisco down to san mateo over to hayward, san ramon. dublin, up towards concord and walnut creek. scattered light rains around the santa clara valley. big picture will show this is all moving slowly to the east and should be out by 12:00. here is sue with the traffic. >> quick look this morning. we do have rain and an accident around the cordelia junction. it's not blocking any lanes but you will find it off to the side. we've got heavy snow in the mountains, chains are required, blue canyon, central truckee and slow traffic and screening trucks. checking mass transit it's all on time, bart, muni
down from 18 to 13. if crews are now using sonar as well as diverse to locate those boats and other hazardous debris on the bottom of the harbor. overall, damaged to the boats estimated about $4 million. damage here to the dock as well as to the overall infrastructure of the harbor no a $25 million and rising. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: local universities are concerned about our students were studying abroad in japan. the chancellor of the csu system is ordering all students to be evacuated from japan citing concerns about potential for shortages and the increasing damage from the damaged nuclear facility. the csu system is not evacuating at this time. all students from stanford university are heading back after they were given the option to return. the devastation from last friday's quake was not enough, now the rescue and recovery teams are dealing with bad weather. rye and shows as " one team is up against in japan's northern coast. >>reporter: were in northeastern japan, we got here to find the scene here. it tells the story of complete devastation in the neighborhood.
is we don't know what to do. >> reporter: the united nations and the u.s. government have both sent teams of experts to japan to deal with the nuclear crisis. more than 90 governments are also providing humanitarian assistance. but hard-hit villages are getting snow and temperatures are below freezing. shelters are filled to capacity with the homeless. >> i have been here for five days. it's holding 1,000 to 2,000 people, all the schools turned into evacuation centers. >> reporter: a rare address was made by the prime minister, expressing his condolences for the loss of life urging his subjects not to give up. randall pinkston, cbs news, at the united nations. >>> since the bay area college students are in japan are being told to return home now, 12 students from san francisco state, 35 students from stanford, they have all been studying there as part state of the program. that program is now suspended. it's unclear when the students will be back in the u.s. the airports in japan have been packed with passengers trying to leave. >>> officials are stepping up efforts to protect the w
on the story all morning and joins us now with more information. good afternoon, kraig. >> reporter: good afternoon,er tory. within the past hour i've learned from federal agents that there's another card club raided this morning, as part of the same action. this one is artichoke joe's. you can see this is the oak's card club. state and federal law enforcement agents poring over card club documents just after they rushed the place heavily armed. >> yeah, fbi. >> several, several fbi agents came in with machine guns, machine -- machine guns drawn, told us to show our arms up. >> reporter: federal authorities stormed the card club. an irs agent would not tell us the reason for the aid. agents questioned employees and patron. >> do i know, you know, wrongdoing going on in the casino? i actually don't. >> they asked did i seek any cleating or loan sharking or did anybody -- or did anybody ask if i needed a loan? i told them know. >> reporter: authorities said an outside group may be involved. a dealer of the drub club -- of the club that hosts asian games, such as pai gwot is being sought. >>
to understand that information and having our employees on-site allows us to make a move. >> it shut down the 47 long transmission line that runs along the peninsula could have caused greater risk and said it would have taken two months to bring back service to all those homes. >> massey provided a deposition for this hearing. the deposition largely focuses on this picture of the now ruptured pipe. the picture was taken back in 1956 when he climbed into the pipe to look for debris. in his deposition he tells authorities he asked a welder why he didn't weld the inside of the pipe. the worker responded it's not required. massey also writes once the pipe was completed, everything looked smooth. san bruno city leaders and the california public utilities commission will also testify. the final ntsb report on a probable cause of the explosion will be in six months but it could change safety regulations across california and across the nation. heather ishimaru will file a report on abc 7 news at 5:00 and 6:00. >> in san francisco an unusual accident investigated that resulted in downtown street closure
street in oakland. cecilia joins us with more. >> very dramatic morning for residents. police were here to serve a search warrant at a home down the block here. let's take a look at that video. it started 8:40 this morning on sycamore street as officers were getting ready to enter the house. someone inside peeked out the window, saw the police present and bolted out of the home. he pulled out a gun, fired the round into the air. they joined police and the man who fired the gun was caught on the street behind the house. >> it's a difficult challenge for us. we're still trying to piece together some of the narrative, perhaps he'll admit it, perhaps he won't. whether the suspect shot at the officers or intended to shoot at the officers. but what we do know is he fired a round and that's concern enough for us to have this kind of activity here. >> well, that activity went on for quite some time. one other man was arrested this morning. police aren't saying for what but he was arrested on the scene and the burglary suspect police came looking for today still has not been arrested. let's come
scam involving thieves using glue on atm keyboards. >> reporter: at this bank of america, there are three atms and hundreds of customers. >> i use the touchscreen even more than the keypad. >> reporter: the police captain says criminal activity has been underway long before you get there. >> we have a suspect that will come out and blue the mechanical keys. >> reporter: the suspect lingers and waits. >> a victim will come up, enter the card, a pin number and hit enter and that key sticks. >> reporter: they went inside the bridge to complained and by the time they came out it was too late. >> the suspect uses the touchscreen and withdraws money. >> reporter: with 22 victims, he logged onto the computers sending a tweet warning residents about the crime. >> times are hard right now. >> reporter: police arrested a 6-year-old man who faces a number of charges including felony vandalism and theft. investigators did not say what led them to demand but more suspects could be out there. >> if your car does not come out of the machine, do not walk away could you can call us or cal
for quite some time. let's check your weather and traffic. lawrence gets us started. good morning. >> good morning. we have seen a pretty good soaking around the bay area. looks like it's tapering offer a little bit along the peninsula. some scattered showers here, continuing to trace across the bay and into parts of the east bay. it will be more widely spread toward the middle of the day and the afternoon. we may get some sunny breaks but there are more storms on the horizon. we'll talk about that in a moment. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> big probable in livermore. westbound 580, two lanes blocked a multi-vehicle crash, two to three cars involved ambulance on the scene and traffic backups continue to grow. 16 miles per hour towards the accident scene and your drive time as well coming out of the altamont pass, stacking up towards about 20 minutes. so once you get past north greenville, speeds improve but again, this is definitely going to be our problem spot for right now for the start of the morning commute. much more traffic coming up. in the meantime, back to you guys. >>
are still hopeful of finding survivors. there's still plenty of opportunity for us to find it lives. >>reporter: that effort is being hampered by freezing temperatures and snow. as a precaution the u.s. embassy in tokyo is recommending that americans who live within 50 mi. of the nuclear plant evacuate. in washington, samantha hayes. >>pam: dr. alan hanson, with the institute for international studies in stamford joins us tonight to answer some of the questions and concerns people have. thank you for joining us. if it is true, the u.s. government hasn't been confirmed by the japan yet that there is no water in the spent fuel pools what does that mean? >>caller: thank you for inviting me to >> with you. i have no more information that is available from the public media and from the u.s. and japan. i cannot confirm whether or not water remains in those schools.pools. if the r has been removed either by leakage or evaporation, there is several consequences. the first is for the local workers. the local radiation levels would skyrocket to high levels and be very difficult for them to ap
the apartment using a master key. the police report says they knocked and asked permission to enter. the public defenders say that, too is a lie. in both cases drugs were found inside the units and the residents arrested but prosecutors and the judge tossed out the charges once the videos emerged. >> what is different about the situation is that we have a videotape. public defenders every day we have cases in which we question the way in which police officers gain entrance into homes and apartments. here we have proof. >> reporter: all this happened when now district attorney george gasgone was police chief. >> very concerning. we are taking this very seriously. we are going to make sure that we conduct a thorough independent investigation of this case but we also do not want to jump top conclusions until we get to the bottom of the investigation. >> the san francisco police chief says the officers are innocent until proven guilty but does concur that the video and police reports don't add up. the six officer letts b officen paid administrative leave. >>> the commander of the central contra cos
will to the north of us. we are staying dry. and we will as we go towards tomorrow. certainly that break from the wet weather. current temperatures 50s, 60s. san francisco = 58. santa rosa, 52. napa is 65. it is the warm spot. fairfield, mountain view, san jose, 64 degrees. overnight, the law was going to get to the 30's in the 40's. santa rosa will be the cooler spot. overnight, the lower spots. your kron 4 7 day around the bay to break of what weather tomorrow. and again in late saturday near a sunday. we will be right back for the kron 4 evening news purify (music) [ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that t
>>> thanks for joining us, i'm raj mathai. >> one peninsula is resting easier after a hectic day. a mountain lion making its way into one family's backyard. the big cat was first spotted this morning in redwood city, less than a block from sequoia hospital. let's bring in kris sanchez with why police say there was no other choice but to shoot and kill the mountain lion. >> reporter: well, there is probably a lot of talks about moun den lions and probably second guessing of the police officers who say they had no choice but they say it was all about public safety. these homeowners started their day with a mountain lion in their backyard, police at their front door, and a police warning them to stay inside. >> i saw his face looking between the fence slats. i thought he was yawning but this is something that they do to warn you, like that. >> reporter: their neighbors around the corner spotted it around 8:19 this morning, which is likely the same one that was spotted about a mile away three hours earlier. as police cornered the 100-pound cat for hours, she knew the police officers
, patient, and polite. >> jana is live in tokyo, and joins us via skype. what are you hearing in tokyo. >> reporter: it certainly is unsettling. in the past hour, it was 12:52. we had another aftershock. the hotel started swaying back and forth. i know understand, it was about a 6.0 quake. that's what the japanese television is reporting adjust off ciba, where is where nautinga airport is. it's already unstable, and aftershocks could make it even more so. obviously, that's a big concern with the radiation threat. >> thousands upon thousands have been evacuated or have lost their homes. food and water are in short supply and now we understand, the weather there has taken a turn for the worse? >> reporter: that's right, it keeps getting more and more difficult here. we understand there is a cold blast that is going to be hitting the country. it's going to drop the temperatures down. you can just imagine. there are at least 200,000 people or so who had to be evacuated from the danger zone around fukushima. that's on top of the people who have been evacuated because of the earthquake and t
's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us it's wednesday march 16th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much. about an inch to two inches plus in the north bay yesterday. what is left now is a lot of cloud cover. highs today will be cooler. we have upper 50s and low 60s. about another half hour we will have cloudy skies. expect cooler temperatures today and we will talk about the upcoming weekend. here is sal. >>> steve, on the roads it's a little bit wet. as you mixed the south -- as you mentioned the south bay is not getting much rain. it is pretty quiet there. on the sunol grade we have people that is slowing down. let's go back to the desk. >>> thank you. in japan there is an increasingly desperate effort to prevent a meltdown at a power plant. helicopters are flying in. they are dumping water on the nuclear reactors to cool them down. up to 70% of the plants fuel rods may have been damaged. special testing centers are now set up near the plant. they are testing people for p
of high clouds. they'll be with us here for a while but highs will end up mid- 60s for some, upper 60s for some. low 70s for others. temperatures slightly warm. a veil of high clouds that will thin out this afternoon. tara with an update on traffic. >>> thanks, steve. look at golden gate bridge. traffic is flowing well into the city at this hour. and at the bay bridge you can see that traffic is flowing just fine on into san francisco from this direction as well. no problems to report as of yet. 5:00 on the nose. let's head back to the desk. >>> topping our news this morning a search is underway for a former pittsburgh counselor who skipped town during his child molestation trial. he failed to show up after a dramatic courthouse run in. ktvu's kraig debro is in pittsburgh to talk about this unusual case. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, pam. and where he is is a big question. he may have his passport with him. so he may not even be in the country depending on whether or not the prosecution took away his passport. now, the person who jumped bail after sitting for four day
for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. you're waking up to some wet weather. let's check in for christine hanson. >> good morning, carolyn. as you noticed, light rain overnight. most of that started late yesterday afternoon in the north bay. heavier rain now moving through the central bay area. let's take a closer look at that. you can see most of it right along interstate 80, first of all, and then 580 over the hills and off towards 680 another colder system beginning to move in along the coast. there are winter storm advisories in effect for tahoe and we'll tell you how long this rain is gonna last. a bit of air behind it. will it last into the work week? complete forecast just ahead. >> thank you, christine. the roads are slick this morning but not as cold as last weekend when black ice was a big problem for drivers. the chp in contra costa is investigating a fatal crash that involves at least five cars south of camino diablo. it happened just after midnight. the investigation kept the road closed until about two hours ago. investigators say one person died at the scene, another had suffered
tsunami. government nobody tells us the citizens what is really happening. >> the anger comes after japan prime minister told the nation the leaked radiation level is now rather high and there is high chance for further leak acknowledge of radiation from now on. over the past couple days one reactor exploded after another at the doomed nuclear plant then yesterday the first fire broke out and unprecedented third reactor exploded. both sending radiation in the air. officials worry this blast was the worst. cracking part of the critical contain they are surround the fiery hot nuclear core. >> radiation level are getting so high that the workers captain stay there. >> first time 750 workers at the plant were told to leave. seek safe shelter. only about 50 now remain. they are the last line of defense willing to stay and continue what so far has been a difficult mission. using fire pump to flood ocean water into the red hot core so they don't melt down completel completely. experts tell us the workers are likely wearing full body suit with air pack rotating in and out and resting in som
criminals are using glue to steal money at the atm. ktvu's jade hernandez is in the city right now to tell us what police say you can do to protect your money. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. thieves are targeting atm users when customers put in their key cards. they're actually using glue guns to mess with the buttons at the bottom of the pad. see this enter, clear and cancel? thieves are using glue guns to stick those buttons down when a customer comes in. and then the customer can't finish the process because those keys get stuck. the customer goes inside the bank for help leaving their card outside or information still up on the screen. that's when thieves step in. a local paper reports the richmond station police captain here in san francisco says january -- since january there have been four of these types of thefts in the richmond district. thieves are using those glue guns to stick the buttons down. and this method is less risky because it's not violent and the penalty for getting caught is a misdemeanor. the other problem a bank customer might not notice the theft f
for joining us. wild wet weather that moved through overnight has knocked out power and knocked down trees throughout the bay area. cecilia vega joins us live with what some folks are waking up to. good morning. >> good morning. a big old mess what they woke up to here. they opened their doors and this is what they are seeing. giant trees came crashing down last night. take a look at this. work crews are out here. trees came toppling down the middle of the road. neighbors say it was a wild night and this is the proof. it's not just hillsborough. before 11:00 last night a tree came trashing down in santa rosa on fountain grove parkway. the back of a car was completely crushed. the wind and rain in san francisco caused havoc all night long. another tree toppled on kezar drive. umbrellas didn't do much at all. it was steady down pour almost throughout the night and they worked to restore power around the bay area but the wet weather and slippery roads and reports of downed lines all over. they were headed to one call of a tree down and we heard them say they spotted to four more these along t
of radiation going to the u.s. you can see hillary clinton met with the foreign minister at a g-8 summit. >> japan is a generous donor to any disaster in the world. the world comes together to support japan in its hour of need. >> eight more experts from the nuclear regulatory commission are on their way to japan, meantime, the navy says more of their crew members were exposed to exposed to very low levels of radiation and had to be decontaminated after delivering food, water and blankets. despite assurance that radiation from japan is highly unlikely to reach the west coast. they local pharmacies have run out of potassium iodide. >> to inject that, the thyroid gland will put you at great risk of thyroid cancer. if you take the tablet, instead of taking the radioactive iodine they will fill your thyroid gland with good iodine and the radioactive iodine respect through. >> the doctor says for us, more important preparation is to have a disaster kit that includes a kit complete with a 30 day supply of all medications you take and a communication plan for your family. >>> millions of people
, 2011. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. you can see, these are some of the images which have been coming in and frankly they speak for themselves. unimaginable. >> the devastation we saw friday morning and now in the days after this disaster in japan we continue to get more images, more video of exactly the impact that this is having on this nation and the people. damage estimates in the tens of billions of dollars, but you can't put a dollar figure on the loss of life and death toll estimates continue to increase hour by hour. >> they do. you know how well prepared japan was. the sheer magnitude of this catastrophe is staggering. the numbers barely begin to tell the story but they give you a good idea where we stand. the official death toll is 2,800. one chief police estimates more than 10,000 people died in his province alone, more than 1,000 bodies have been found along the coast. all three reactors at fukushima have lost their cooling capacity. a second hydrogen explosion at the plant could be heard for 25 miles. u.s. navy ships in the area moved further away after d
an opportunity to share anything with us. >> thank you. i'm the sheriff. i really appreciate the school board in helping us create the five key charter high school. it has been a tremendous program for the people that we surf. we have over 250 people in custody in the school and we have had over 250 people get their high school degree. it is one of the best run program swress in the jail and we have many programs in the jails and it is also a program which has the best recidivism rate or lowest recidivism rate of it. [laughter] of any of our programs. some of which have been in our jail system for almost two decades, so it has been a wonderful program. it is well run. well supported and we cannot do without the support of the school district. we have -- my executive director is here to make a few comments. we have a few students here as well if you can take the time for their comments. it has been a wonderful program and we really appreciate your support. the program really helps us provide classes to prisoners who are not able to go because of their classification level able to go into group
. butler what would allegedly use female decoys to get men drunk and once they were behind the wheel, he would call tanabe to arrest them. the lawyer for wielsch wouldn't say whether other ex-antioch cops could be investigated. he said his client has had conversations with the d.a. >> if part of the truth implicates other people, then how do you stop implicating other people if you are going to tell the entire truth? >> reporter: we have learned that there is a drug case going to the courts today and that the public defender in that case may ask for a dismissal because it is linked to these three officers. frank? >> i'm sure that's the first of many if this thing goes deep, deep, deep, don't you think? >> reporter: absolutely, definitely a possibility. we have heard talk there could be a number of case that could be dismissed because of this. >> just beginning. okay, christin ayers live i danville, thank you. >>> a surveillance video is out in the ongoing review of drug busts by san francisco plainclothes officers. video taken at the hen roy hotel released by the san francisco public def
in japan, right now there is no direct threat of radiation going to the u.s. you can see hillary clinton met with the foreign minister at a g-8 summit. >> japan is a generous donor to any disaster in the world. the world comes together to support japan in its hour of need. >> eight more experts from the nuclear regulatory commission are on their way to japan, meantime, the navy says more of their crew members were exposed to exposed to very low levels of radiation and had to be decontaminated after delivering food, water and blankets. despite assurance that radiation from japan is highly unlikely to reach the west coast. they local pharmacies have run out of potassium iodide. >> to inject that, the thyroid gland will put you at great risk of thyroid cancer. if you take the tablet, instead of taking the radioactive iodine they will fill your thyroid gland with good iodine and the radioactive iodine respect through. >> the doctor says for us, more important preparation is to have a disaster kit that includes a kit complete with a 30 day supply of all medications you take and a communicatio
rated. amy hollyfield joins us now with details. >> cheryl, the manager here tells me he has no idea this was happening. he didn't know about it until he got a phone call early this morning. right after that phone call somebody grabbed a piece of paper they wrapped food with and heardly and unexpectedly closed for the day and maybe even longer. >> i got scared and nervous and frozen, you know. they said come here. >> with a roomful of customers eating breakfast and placing cards, about 80 federal, state and local officers moved in on the oaks car club in emeryville. they told the customers not to run, that this is a search of the casino, not the patrons. >> to sit down. there's one maybe who had some papers and got afraid and they checked on her first. >> the f.b.i. confirmed that officers from seven different agencies executed a search and arrest warranty car club as part of an investigation into crime in the pay area. one is the bureau of gambling control. authorities refused to release anymore details. >> hopefully tomorrow we have information we can send off to the public. employ
to your friends right away from the beginning. you're there now. tell us how people are reacting days after with all of theses aftershocks that they are still enduring. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. jittery nerves, caution and concern is the best way to describe the mood here in tokyo this morning. let's just say this. you talked about the explosion, the third explosion at the nuclear plant in fukushima. add that to the aftershocks that we continue to feel in this region. we felt one last night. there were ten that we felt yesterday, including one that was pretty strong. in fact, i was talking to diane dwyer live when we were going through that. because of that, people here in tokyo are stocking up on food and water. you can go up to some of the grocery stores and we will see empty shelves where food and water once existed. i talked to one of my friends who moved here about a month ago. she is now in nagasaki. please come here. you will be safer here. that's where she is now. i just talked to her several hours ago. she wants to return back to tokyo because this is her home and w
, got two per table, asked to us put our hands on the table. they had the search warrant for the place. then the table per table they started searching people. then after that finished, they took us one by one into rooms and ran our ids and let us go. said that the card room will be closed for the remaining of the day. >> reporter: for most of the morning an alphabet soup of agents went in and out of the casinos. fbi, irs, dea, doj, emeryville pd, oakland pd. same scene at the artichoke joe's casino in san bruno, where you can add the san bruno pd into the law enforcement mix. the state department of justice says the operation was called, kung fu panda, and focused on loansharking, extortion, drug distribution and illegal gambling. agents on the scene did not want to say what was going on. >> this is a casino. is there illegal gambling? >> i can't go into details. >> everybody came out with hands, guns on the -- hands on their guns and just looking around the corner we were like, whoa. and then they just filled the room. that's probably about 70 to 80 agents in there. it was quite sca
on their spending on other discretionary items. stay with us here on ktvu. we'll bring you updates on bernanke's report throughout this newscast. >>> a high-tech heist in fremont. a team of armed robbers targeted unigen corporation early sunday morning. and a short time ago, kraig debro talked with an industry analyst about what those suspects may do next. what did they say? >> reporter: i want to show you this is unigen behind me. in the last 15 minutes or so, the parking lot went from being empty to completely full. if you look through there, you may see -- it looks like a manufacturing area, perhaps a staging area. but police confirm for us this morning that this is where the thieves got into the property. you can see the storage facility behind it. they could be hidden back there. no one could see them. we also heard from the industry analyst about the heist. fifteen people with guns and rifles came in. they were wearing all black and ski masks. they came in, tied up all of the employees, they took wallets. they took everything from them. at the same time, the same group was loading up a t
will show you the we got on a boat with fish and game that give us a tour. hundreds of boats had been damaged. the big concern with many of these, particularly better on the bottom is that they could be leaking oil. fuel, and if they could be for quite some time. they could only get three at that time of the water. and it could be four, five more days of this a salvage operation. the harbor will be closed until the least of sunday. the latest news conference the department of fish and game. >> a lot of the damage that would of occurred to pose with an under the water line to handle larger vessels bottom out. and at the top, the organs, the mass of the sailboats that for clinging together-the tops of the masses of the sailboats. until the owners are able to communicate with their insurance companies. >> those boats have gasoline, oil, and if you leave them on the bottom ultimately that fuel will seek out. and it will float to the surface with the pollution hazard. we are trying to get those boats out of the water to eliminate pollution hazard. and the navigational problems of social wi
. >>> four new york journalistst held in libya have been released. the u.s. says it expects to turn control of the libyan military mission over to the french or the british in just a matter of days. this after several days of pounding by coalition forces in the air and on the sea. a top france official said it's likely to be a long one. we have a live report from washington on where the united states stand this morning, coming up. >>> more smoke seen at that damaged nuclear power plant. >> more smoke came from the reactor. officials say it probably killed more than 18,000 people. the world bank says it could take five years to rebuild and cost $235 billion. you can support disaster relief efforts. text the red cross to donate $10. >>> the barry bonds trial, we've been talking about it for years now starts in just a few hours. ann is in san francisco where jury selection is the first step. finally getting it going. good morning, ann. >> reporter: that's right. jury selection will be at 8:30 this morning. dozens of them filled out questionnaires and this morning they will be selected. as far
or san francisco and you get to your job on time that's not peak, you want to use caltrain and not drive. >> i ride caltrain almost every day and so does my wife. and we love caltrain. so it's going to be a big deal if there are service cuts and i'm hoping there's a budget solution as soon as possible. the proposal that has received the most comment is the idea to close up to seven stations. belmont is one of the stations on the possible closure list. most riders here find the idea very upsetting. but aaron said he would be willing to drive to the next closest station. >> i don't think it would be a big deal honestly if they cut and save money for caltrain. >> caltrain officials say they hope these cuts would be temporary. they are looking for solutions. >> the only agency in the bay area that doesn't have its own form of revenue. like a tax. one of the long-term solutions we have to look at is can we go to the voters and have them provide money that makes caltrain future assured. >> there won't be a vote today. it should be official proposals and public hearing, all part of the process.
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